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Unconfirmed Google Ranking Update “Fred” Shakes SEO Rankings

March 10, 2017 9:34 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Someone fire up the SEO team, it’s time to review your results!

Something the webmasters of the world have taken note of yesterday and today, is that something is going on in the SEO rankings of Google, yet again!

Google algorithm is essentially a real-time updating machine now, however there are signs that webmasters can use to detect SEO algorithm changes.

One of these signs is a massive drop in traffic, which can be easily attributed to an algorithm change. Webmaster forums have been going mad with discussions on this, especially ones like Black Hat World and Webmaster World.

Although speculation is always a thing we must avoid, because Google rankings can change drastically at a moment’s notice, it’s still good to understand, that for the most part, the adjustments¬†could be quite real.

To poke some fun at this, Gary Illyes went ahead and posted something silly on his Twitter Account,

From now on every update, unless otherwise stated, shall be called Fred

Alright, Mr. Gary Illyes, alright we will! Since the House Elf and Chief of Sunshine and Happiness at Google says so, we’re also going to call this new update “FRED” and call it a day.

What does this new Google “Fred” update effect?

Since Google has been on a parade to promote quality content, and the chatter is really happening in the “black hat” SEO community, I would wager then update deals better with spam links or links that are paid for, even though they may seem legit.

Google has not confirmed nor denied the update. However, Olga Andrienko, the Head of Global Marketing at SEM Rush, has provided some data for us, here’s a quote from her official Twitter account.

we see big SERP changes today, higher volatility for desktop, than mobile, but both have spikes. That’s US data

SEM Rush detects Algorithm change

To sum it up, Google is going to be providing less and less data to us. Updates will have to be “caught” by webmasters, and paying attention is important. Google wants to deliver users a great experience. Google algorithm updates do just that. They give less credit to cheaters, and more credit to the rest of us, who do it all the right way.

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