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Dmoz Closes After 19 Years Marking The End of Human Indexing

March 18, 2017 3:52 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Well this sucks. Human beings will no longer be indexing the internet. DMOZ, the Open Directory Project – has officially closed.

The internet got too big, too complex, and machine learning is the only way forward. Is this a significant thing? Absolutely. Machine learning will eventually wipe out many things that we humans tend to think we will still be able to do in a few years from now.

Just imagine if teachers in schools and universities are replaced by smart teaching AI robots that can actually teach students based on their particular style of learning and adapt to their development curve. Alright, maybe that was taking it too far. But let’s face it, humans are done for.

DMOZ was always an interesting child of the internet family. And surely its creators already knew the end was coming years ago. Having volunteer editors sort websites is just too insane in 2017.

The DMOZ website is now replaced with a splash screen that simply says its closed (see image above). A shame really.

I think they should have just stop updating the index, but kept all of their indexed websites for reference to future generations. A record of what humanity was able to achieve at the dawn of machine learning. Museum worthy actually.

Oh well, can’t have it all.



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