Friday, September 22, 2017
Can you justify spending over $10 in Google AdWords

Can You Justify Spending Over $10 Per Click in AdWords PPC Campaigns?

AdWords PPC advertising has revolutionized online marketing. Gone are the days of incredibly expensive national newspaper ads which offered no direct measurement of success...
Google AdWords Exact Match Changes 2017

Google AdWords Exact Match No Longer Exact

AdWords will now ignore word orders and function words. In the name of getting more clicks, Google is re-purposing exact match into something that's not...
Biggest Google AdWords Mistake You Will Ever Make

Biggest Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Mistake You’ll Ever Make

If you’re new to online advertising, and your company has been thinking about it for a while, then of course you’ll be tempted to...

Google News

Schema fact check tags

Everything You Need To Know About Google Fact Check

What is Google Fact Checker? The term fake news is well known in the internet world, way before someone running for president last year managed...
Google Introduces Mobile Website Developer Certification

Google Introduces Mobile Website Developer Certification

For all those Google Certified Specialists out there, Google is upping the game by adding a brand new Certification Badge to your Google Partner...
DMOZ is now closed

Dmoz Closes After 19 Years Marking The End of Human Indexing

Well this sucks. Human beings will no longer be indexing the internet. DMOZ, the Open Directory Project - has officially closed. The internet got too...