3 Ways To Make Your Startup More Successful

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Got a startup? Need a hand? We have three simple tips just for you!

1. Launch With A Special Offer

A special offer, especially before or right after a new business launches can create a buzz and get your name out. To make an offer more attractive, let your customers know that they should purchase the product or service with this special offer within a certain time frame.

Even better? Combine your items into a one-time bundle! Again, set a specific time-frame for your special so that customers will react more quickly. Selling combined items can be harder, but you can grab multiple sales versus just one, and expose your customers to your other products.

2. Segment Customers in “Persona” Groups & Market To Them

Learn as much as you can about your customers, and create “Personas” based on their common traits, habits, demographics (age, gender, language, etc.), and purchasing patterns. Without this, you’re selling blind or might be fooled that “everyone” is your customer, which will hardly be ever true.

Think about how customers would react to your product or service. If you have the money, do some market research. Don’t rely on dated data however, anything a few years old is typically useless in our breakneck speed world.

One you figure out a “Persona” give that “Persona” a name. Call one persona Bob, and another Anne. Make sure you have all your personas identified as this will completely effect the way you market to each individual group.

The next step, market to them! To do this find out

1. Where does each persona spend the most amout of time
2. Create a tailored campaign for each personal (landing pages, customized ads, etc.,)
3. Set a budget, set an expected return, and push the green button!

And one more thing, keep learning from your marketing efforts. Don’t just run ads for a month without checking your data such search keywords, negative keyword filtering, location data, conversation rates, and so on.

3. Test Referral Programs

A simple idea, but a hard one to execute. This could be bonus points, extra discounts, a month free of service, or movie tickets! Think of what each persona in your marketing plan likes. For this you might want to explore their interests and dig a little more into data about them.

Once you figure out what makes that customer happy, use that in your referral program. One important thing for any type of referral program is to collect your e-mail list. When someone gives you a referral, ensure an easy process is in place to actually make the experience simple, clear, and authentic.

You can use e-mails lists in many various ways. They are hard to collect, but so worth it! So ensure your referral process keeps all of its data intact for post analysis to create further improvements.


So there you have it. Three simple tips from someone who has helped over 70 companies build their business, many of them startups!

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