3 Reasons To Write Website Copy For Customers

3 Reasons To Write Website Copy For Customers

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Business owners often forget that while they know their business inside out, clients do not. In fact, in many industries, if you are a professional you are probably frustrated that your competitor is doing ½ the job you are and somehow still has clients.

Well that’s because customers often have a limited understanding about your product and services. As an example, maybe the cars you sell are better than what your direct competitor sells, but because you didn’t explain this in a clear manner, the customer simply have no idea. Instead, your sales process starts to rely on 3rd party review websites. But once a customer has to resort to those types of websites for information, then you get lost in the sea of information.

Reason 1 – Customers Are Not You

Customers who buy your product and service, may often not resemble yourself, even though you think you will buy your own product and services if you were a customer. This is a common issue that many business and marketing agencies face.

There is a clear distinction that needs to be made (which often requires some data mining and market studies) between what you think and what your target demographic really thinks.

This is one of the reasons Toyota made the Scion brand, as their efforts to market the Corolla to the young generation have been falling on deaf ears.

But that brings us back to the copy on your website. Who are speaking to? You must know who to write the copy for prior to investing time and money into it.

Reason 2 – Customers Need Some Hand Holding

Rely on good, quality copy on your website and marketing materials because that’s literally the first point of contact clients expect.

Customers want to get their ducks in a row (they want to be informed) before they ever even get close to your sales people. If you’re dumping your marketing budget out the window in favor of just having salespeople, and neglect your website copy, you’re drinking your own Cool Aid.

Your web copy need to relate the important information. Take the customer by the hand, and walk them through the features, benefits, and why they should work with you in the first place. Customers need a hand in this more than you think! Help them!

Once clients can’t identify the difference between you and your competitor, then you fall into the price only game.

Tony Dygal

Reason 3 – Give Them A Reason

Great copy needs to make your customers slow down, and make them pay attention. If you got them to actually stop speed reading and actually focus on the copy, then you’re going to get the results you’re looking for.

Many customers just want to get in, find what the need, and leave. If you keep them there even a few seconds longer (every second counts), your chances of conversion keep going higher, and higher!
This is your chance to give them a reason to stick around. Maybe you have some interesting facts, or perhaps you have additional information you could make highlight for your customers.

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